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About rich

Hi my names Rich!

Just like you I've a real love for animals, more specifically I LOVE DOGS! ... In fact so much so that I run a dog walking business in Gloucester which is where 'Paws for thought' began in 2007. This arm of the brand keeps me busy 7 days a week making sure lots of crazy canines get to have fun and run around in the country whilst you, their owner, is hard at work keeping them in the lifestyle they're accustomed to.

Being around dogs all day everyday is my life and I love it! It's also given me a great insight into just how much these 4 legged fur balls need in order to live happy and healthy lives.... and it's actually quite a fair bit!!!

So I decided to launch paws for thought the online store simply to be able to offer dog owners the chance to give a little love back. I've still alot to learn and some distance to travel yet but this is another step towards my dream of making Paws for Thought a brand that makes a difference and that gives back to the dogs that unconditionally love us every day of their lives.

I appreciate this site is a little basic right now but please rest assured when I'm not chasing after a pack of 7 dogs all running in different directions I'm working hard to build this site into something great adding new products, thinking of ways this platform can help some of the dogs out there that aren't lucky enough to be loved the way they should be.

Thanks again for your support ... we will get there eventually!