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About us

Meet Rich the proud owner of Paws for Thought

It has been said that we are a nation of dog lovers and as far as I’m concerned that couldn’t be more true... I’m one of those people who will stop you in your tracks, mid walk, just to be able to fuss your confused pooch for a few seconds before smiling and wandering on my way happier that I'd done so.

I have three real passions in life, fitness, the great outdoors and of course DOGS! So it was an absolute no-brainer that I decided to jump out of the rat race and concentrate on bringing Paws for Thought to life. I started Paws for Thought in 2008 after tragically losing my best buddy Shadow who was quite simply THE best Weimeraner in the whole world. Those of you who know me will attest that I was rarely ever spotted without him by my side (hence his name). Shadow taught me lots about dogs including the fact that dogs need far more exercise than most of us are lucky enough, fit enough or have enough free time to provide. Oh... and that it is a well known dog fact that once a dog has finished his dinner he is obligated to help you eat yours!

Paws for Thought started off amazingly well and I was building a great client base with some awesome dogs but due to unforeseen circumstances and the untimely death of my mode of transport I had to grind the business to a halt and go back to the drawing board so to speak. Now armed with the knowledge I gathered from round one I decided to endure the rat race for just a while longer to save enough money to buy a brand new van, fully fit it out with custom built dog crates and kit myself out with everything I needed to make round 2 a success.

So here I am primed and ready to do it all again.

At this point I could rattle on about Ginggerb and Scratch the two crazy abandoned gerbils that found me or Beau the diabetic horse that some friends and I bought, or I could bore you with tales about the cat that decided to bully her way into my life at the gym - aptly named ‘Gymkat’ that I now look after or Ozzie the awesome blue staffy I lived with for 2 years but I think it's just fair to say your pets will be left in loving, experienced hands when left with me or any of my thoroughly vetted employees. I really can’t wait to meet you all and build Paws for Thought 2.0 into a dog walking/pet sitting business that you will happily rely on and to become a good friend to the animals of your household.

Paws for Thought is not only the name of my business but the ethos it's run by!

I’m also insured, a member of the National Petsitters, DBS checked, a canine first responder, flexible and all weather proof! ... just in case you were wondering.