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Dog Walking

Just as fish need to swim and birds need to fly... DOGS NEED TO WALK!!!  Failing to do so can result in an extremely unhappy, unhealthy and sometimes destructive pooch. We at Paws for Thought know that your dog is one of the most important members of your family. In fact, the little mutt is most probably in charge. And, whilst there is little doubt that you are the most qualified person to be overseeing their exercise and training regimes, due to your brimming social and professional diary, you cannot always be at their beck and call.

That's why Paws for Thought provide an exceptional dog walking service that you can rely on, whether it be for a one-off walk or on a regular basis. Our free initial consultation will establish the best time to take your dog out walking so that its not left alone for longer than 4 hours whilst you're away so you can rest assured your pooch is happily walked out and not munching its way through your skirting board.

Our mission is to make each walk the highlight of your dog's day.

  • 30 min walk - £8
  • 1 hour walk - £10
  • Per additional dog same household - £4

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